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Tara was exactly what I needed. She was very intuitive to my needs. I didn't have any family to come over to be an extra pair of hands for me so she was perfect. And on top of it all it was nice to have somebody who is also a midwife and understands what I've been going through.
- AM

Tara was such a wonderful addition to our family, she fit right in and was easy-going. She was able to take care of our newborn and play with our toddler at the same time. I completely trust Tara's judgment and valued her suggestions -- she was great and knowing what our newborn wanted and was able to convey that in a gentle and caring manner. She was also terrific at doing things around the house, tidying up, laundry, cooking, etc. I would recommend her without reservation!
- DF

Tara was my postpartum doula for several weeks and I could not have done it with out her! Tara is an incredibly easy-going person and wonderful to have helping during such a sensitive and personal time. She is naturally intuitive and is so flexible with your needs. She truly is a baby whisperer and I felt that my baby was in the best care possible with her, which allowed me to recoup from the birth and adjust to motherhood. She also is an amazing resource; she not only is helpful with a multitude of motherhood/parenting topics, but is able to help find the right assistance if needed. I highly recommend her services and won't hesitate to hire her again next time around!
- EO

Tara's calm and quiet strength soothed us and gave us the support we needed to move through a challenging 30 hour labor. Being first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what to expect; Tara was a necessary calm guide through the process. She took the weight of the world off my husband's shoulders. It was too much for him to have to be solely responsible for my comfort throughout. Not only did she help me relax and stay centered, her presence actually palliated my pain.

To have Tara for the birth of our son was the best decision we ever took. Her dedication to her profession is extraordinary and she provided the most valuable support. Her warmth and kindness did help me to relax and turned my labor into the most beautiful and unforgettable experience!!
- KE-K

When I interviewed Tara, I was immediately impressed by her attentive spirit and professional demeanor. These qualities were enormously valuable as Tara worked with me as my doula for the birth of my daughter at Newton-Wellesley hospital. During my pregnancy Tara provided me with practical information regarding labor and birth, as well as listened closely while I worked through my concerns—both positive and negative—regarding my birth experience. At the hospital Tara provided a calm, capable, and caring presence. Her skills enabled me to labor naturally as I was reassured that she was by my side in case any need should arise. The birth of my daughter was an amazing experience and Tara was an essential part of the event.
- JK

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