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I was approaching two weeks overdue with my daughter, and the last few days before she was born were fraught with anxiety as I wrestled with the decision of whether to go to the hospital for an induction or stick with the homebirth I had planned. Tara was full of compassion, calm and offered good information in a tough spot for me and my family. Knowing she would support whichever decision I made, I decided to stay home, and am infinitely glad I did.

Ruby was born in a tub in my living room on August 2, in the middle of an afternoon thunderstorm, with just my partner Julia and Tara present for all of my labor. My daughter’s birth was textbook--not that that made it easy. I had a very tough time with the pain of transition, and Tara's quiet steadiness played a huge role in keeping me focused and unafraid. For several hours, I was totally unable to speak, but somehow she knew what I needed from one moment to the next, whether it was a sip of Gatorade or a reassuring word. I am grateful for the care she gave me--and, especially, for the restraint she showed during my labor, when she focused on monitoring the baby and otherwise didn't interfere with what my body was doing on its own. I had exactly one vaginal exam, when Ruby was well on her way, and I think not knowing exactly how many centimeters I was dilated at any particular time made a huge difference to my sanity and ability to persevere.

Once my daughter was born, Tara became another person entirely--all that serenity morphed into brisk action. She and her assistant went to work immediately on her tiny limp form, suctioning fluid from her nose with awesome efficiency while I clung to the side of the tub and waited for her to take her first breath.

When I decided to have a homebirth, I hoped I would get the best of both worlds--good medical judgement, and the peaceful environment I knew I would need to make it through a drug-free birth. Tara gave me both.
- LH

Tara was simply incredible. She spent over 18 hours straight at our home during the birth, radiating calm and translating my partners bewildering and inscrutable noises and behavior into something that made sense to me. Without Tara, I would have been terrified and lost as I watched my partner undergo the worst pain she has ever experienced. With Tara there, there was no fear.
- JR

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